Fort Lauderdale Police & Firefighter Retirees Association, Inc.
Mission Statement

Fort Lauderdale Police & Firefighters Retirees Association was formed for the purpose of bettering the existing conditions of our retirees and active personnel by promoting their mutual welfare. The Association is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization with the goal of helping all City Police & Firefighter Retirees to maintain all benefits due to them.

The Association, although not controlled by any labor organization, does not prohibit cooperative efforts by the Association with labor organizations for their common good.

It is our duty to attend Fort Lauderdale City Commission and the Police & Firefighters Pension Board meetings to promote the interest of the Association. It is also our duty to work for the passage of laws that will benefit all members, active and retired, of the pension system.

Eligible members are any City of Fort Lauderdale Law Enforcement officer or Firefighter who is currently receiving a pension compensation from the City. This includes all DROP members, disabled personnel, vested personnel and beneficiaries.

Our organization needs your support. If you have not already joined us, or you know of someone who is eligible for membership but not yet joined, please contact any board member for more information. With a full membership we can do so much more for all of us.